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AME-Motronik 4.81           



The new AME-Motronik 4.8.1. is a full programmable control unit for modern gasoline engines. 

It is designated for hobby tuning cars up to race cars. The system supports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder gasoline engines.


Speed inputs

· supports tooth wheels up to 60 teeth, at maximum engine speed up to 25000rpm

· usage of a segment toothed wheel increases the engine speed range up to 30000rpm


Crankshaft triggering

· trigger wheels on crank- and/or camshaft

· inductive, hall sensor systems or mechanical distributors are supported


Output stages

· 6 channels for independent driving of ignition coils with integrated power stages

· 4 channels for independent  fuel injector banking, each bank drives up to 8A (up to 4 injector valves per cylinder)

· 6 universal driver outputs, each up to 1.5A (i.e. fuel pump control, cooler fan control, boost pressure control, shift light …)

· 2 high power drivers, each up to 8A (i.e. wideband lambda probe heater, camshaft control …)

· output stage for engine tachometer signal generation

· independent, fully protected supply for various sensors (+5V / 0.4A)

· output stage for boost pressure control  up to 3bar / 43.5 psi boost pressure (boost pressure control can be gear- and vehicle speed dependent)


· 4 universal digital inputs for i.e. switches

· supports up to 14 analog input channels (i.e. throttle position sensors, temperature sensors, air mass flow sensors, oil pressure sensors, manifold intake pressure sensors, exhaust pressure sensors and other sensors) If you want to use a sensor which is not supported by our standard software and you can provide us with the necessary sensor data and  we can add your sensor.

· 4 speed inputs (crankshaft, 2 camshaft and 1 vehicle speed (indictive/hall sensor type). Spped input is used, i.e. for gear detection and acceleration measurement

· up to 3 lambda probes (1 wideband lambda probe, 2 narrowband lambda probes)

· up to to 2 channels for knock detection

· support for 2 air mass sensors (up to 4095kg/h)

· you can switch between pressure / speed and air mass flow fuel control (this can be changed dynamically dependent on engine speed and other trigger conditions)

· up to 2 channels for exhaust temperature measurement (thermocouple  type K, up to 1250°C / 2282°F)

· measurement and calibration is done via laptop. Supported medias are RS232 and 100Mbit ethernet. Additional we provide a simple measure and calibration handheld tool. (WLAN support is also available). The system supports online calibration and 3 measurement triggers (crank angle, 10ms, 100ms)



· aluminium housing , ca. 22.3 x 15 x 5.5 cm / 8.78 x 5.9 x 2.17 inch ( LxWxH )

· weight ca. 0.6 kg

· wiring may be connected via inexpensive screw terminals (standard) or waterproof sealed military connectors (the sealed connectors can be retrofitted)



· modern, powerful 16MHz microcontroller with optimized peripherals for automotive control tasks

· 256k flash for program

· 8k RAM

· 64k EEPROM for calibration and adaptive values

· all inputs and outputs are protected against short circuit and over voltage

· ethernet or serial medium for fast laptop connection



· realtime os and bios

· crank angle and and time based tasks



· support for up to 6 independent single or double ignition coils (supports also mechanical distributors)



· up to for independent injection banks (independent parametrable for E85 or water/methanol injection)

· 8A maximum current per bank

· full sequential injection is possible up to 4 cylinder engines



· measurement of ecu temperature

· fully physical software approach (fuel calculation is based on cylinder charge in range 0%..400%)


· development of custom specific hardware, software and control functions

· seminars

· on site care for test drives and race events

· individual engine calibration on test bench


Wiring diagram AME-Motronik 4.81

Motronik 4.81 control unit 1499,- EURO, Motronik 4.71 (reduced functionality i.e.. witout knock detection and wideband lambda probe) control unit 999,- EURO, 92 mm air mass flow sensor 129,- EURO, 3Bar / 43.5psi pressure sensor 99,- EURO 







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